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Chairman Cai Guobin and his Party Went to CNBMI Zambia Company for Research and Guidance

Between May 3 and May 9, Cai Guobin, Vice President of China National Building Materials Company Limited and Chairman of China National Building Materials Investment Co., Ltd., made a special trip to CNBMI Zambia Company for research and guidance. Bao Jiantao, Vice President of CNBMI, accompanied in the visit.

During the investigation and survey, Chairman Cai Guobin and his party visited the three major cities of Lusaka, Livingston and Ndola in Zambia and learned more about Zambia's economic development environment. On May 8, Mr. Cai went to Zambia Company for research and guidance, investigated the preparatory work for Zambia Company, visited the headquarters and staff quarters of the Company, and held a symposium. 

At the symposium, Chen Qiang, General Manager of Zambia Company, reported on the preparations and work plans for the Company. Guo Dongmei, the Financial Director reported on the financial, administrative and HR work she was in charge of; Liao Kun, Deputy General Manager of Tanzania Company reported on the operation conditions of the Company.

Chairman Cai Guobin affirmed and encouraged everyone on the work in Africa, and put forward five requirements for the development of Zambia and the African sector. First, strengthen fine management, implement management responsibility, and take care of employees' lives; second, operate steadily, promote the reproduction and standardization, and speed up the pace of development; third, adhere to performance-orientation, optimize resource allocation, strengthen team building and localization management; fourth, adapt to local market conditions and timely adjust business strategies; fifth, carry out differentiated operations and enhance competitive advantage. Vice President Bao Jiantao aired his pertinent opinion and suggestions on the preparation and operation of the African sector while affirming the African team. 

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